Marathon – The Running That Actually Will Set You Free


Recently and it seems, yearly, I have decided to get back to into running.  I am not a great runner and have only ran a half dozen 5k races over the past few years. I have always wanted to enjoy running but I believed that to learning to love running would be  impossible. That includes Marathon running.

Running a marathon had always been a goal but time seemed to get into my way. We made a goal to run daily and see where it would take us.

Running and Fitness is overall a great way to improve Health.

I finalized my goal for running: “I wanted to run my first marathon and if no setbacks to run at least 2 marathons this year and if all went well then 4

As I look back…that was a pretty intense goal to make. However, setting such a high goal pushed me to run when I didn’t want to.  Just this last week I finished my first marathon and have learned to love running.  Running has become addicting and I am only 1/4th of the way to my goal.

I wanted to finish the marathon in under 6 hours. I actually finished around the 5 hour 20 minute mark.

I am not a 3 hour marathon runner and probably never will be, but to have finished was amazing. Running allows you to burn calories, stress, boredom, and laziness.

The First 3 months

I recently finished by second marathon.  It was a killer!!!  What an experience.  My training has been rather consistent but this race seemed much more difficult.

I finished just under 6 hours. Cramping in my legs seemed to be the worst part of the race.  The sites through the mountains and the time to exercise, think, and listen to music was perfect.

Two down and now two to go!!!

The First 6 months

Family, work, and pain in both knees will prevent me from finishing my two marathons this year. I have continued to run but my long distance running has decreased. I have targeted a few marathons for next year and will continue training through the fall and winter months.

My Running:

I had never ran more then 6 miles previously. When I started running recently I hadn’t ran in over 6 months. I was scared and out of shape.

I started running the day after Christmas. I made a goal and started running/walking 3 miles a day 5 or 6 times a week

I then forced myself to run 3 miles without stopping for 2 weeks. I then ran a 5 mile “long run”.

From there I went to 4 miles a day for 3 weeks and another long run of 7.5 miles.

I soon bumped it up to 5 miles a day and running a “long run” every 2 weeks. I went to 10 miles, then 12 miles, then 15, 18 and finally 20 miles.

There was not 1 day while training that I loved running — it wasn’t until the marathon itself — and then I really only loved the first 20 miles. I hated the last 6 and then loved the last .2 miles or so.

To finish and accomplish a goal is truly amazing.

Healthy running

Shedding the weight or even improving your health can be obtained by running.  To start running today can have dramatic and life long benefits to your appearance, emotions, and your overall physical and mental health.

Often your Nutrition will improve because by running often you want to put better foods into your body.

Exercise is always a first line of treatment to several medical conditions. Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity, High Cholesterol and Heart Attack are just a few disease that can be improved and often prevented by getting a bit of exercise.

A marathon may not be attainable for everyone. Try to incorporate some sort of activity into your daily life , even if it’s just walking to spend less time on the couch.

Good luck!!!

Some key websites to take a look at:

Runners World  –

Marathon Guide  –

Cool Running  –

Susan G. Komen for the Cure

and many others!!

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5 Responses to Marathon – The Running That Actually Will Set You Free

  1. julieg says:

    I recently ran my 1st marathon and had a great time. I got some bad cramps in my legs but also did better then expected. Not sure I could do 3 more anytime soon. I had to pee 6 times while running.

    Another good hint – eat a good meal the day before running!!!

    Good luck

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  2. bosox14 says:

    A marathon is something I could never do. I have walked for breast cancer before but can’t seem to run for over 1 mile at a time. Got bad knees. But good info!!

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  3. CrisBetewsky says:

    It’s a pity that people don’t realize the importance of this information. Thanks for posing it.

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  4. Tim says:

    You should set a goal to run the Marine Corp Marathon once in your life. Over 35,000+ runners, Beautiful sites, Iwo Jima monument, White house, Lincoln, washington memorial, capital building and the friendliest runners you have ever meet.

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    • admin says:

      Tim – Marine Corp Marathon sound interesting and quite a beautiful place to run. Will keep that in mind

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