New Smog Restrictions May Not Be Beneficial!

Many environmentalists, medical professionals, and the public in large, are arguing for tougher new smog restrictions. Some legislators promise that changes are on the horizon.

Many who are truly affected by the increase in pollution, smog, inversion are asking the questions. Activists that are reportedly protecting the environment want tougher standards on pollutants, ozone levels, and air quality.

If you suffer from a severe respiratory condition extreme changes in temperature, pollutants, and smog can be quite devastating to your breathing.

Asthma is a condition that is affected by air control, inflammation, and oxygen intake. Each can easily be affected by Several Risk Factors that can lead to some pretty serious medical issues.

Asthma is a chronic condition that affects the Lungs and this and other respiratory conditions – when they fail – can lead to a very serious issue of Respiratory Failure.

But how beneficial will the changes really be? What other attachments will be involved if the government becomes involved? And more importantly, what punishments will be attached to the recommendations?

The truth is . . . is that if you suffer from Asthma, COPD, or other breathing or Respiratory Conditions you may actually see no improvements. New smog restrictions may never benefit those who need it the most.

Future Smog Restrictions

There are many who are stepping and telling us things that many of us have known for years. Smog is certainly a cause factor of several medical and health conditions. Are many of these people saying this to improve our viewpoints of EPA.

EPA is stepping up to protect Americans from one of the most persistent and widespread pollutants we face,” said Lisa Jackson, the EPA administrator.

There’s no question that smog is a hazard that deserves attention.”  Lydia Wegman of the EPA says the new ozone limits would have significant health benefits.

EPA’s proposed standards promise clean air protections that reach from the nation’s urban neighbourhoods and communities to our rural forests and croplands,” said Cal Baier Anderson, a toxicologist with the Environmental Defense Fund.

Who is the EPA?

The EPA is Environmental Protection Agency.

This an aspect of the US Federal Government that was initially created to protect Human health and the Environment.

Regulations are reviewed and passed by Congress that allows changes to regulations dealing with business, personal, vehicle, environment and other areas.

The EPA began with Richard Nixon and began operation in 1970. Gina McCarthy is the current Administrator. The EPA is not a Cabinet Department but the administrator is given Cabinet Rank. The headquarters is in Washington DC – and there are 10 regions and just under 30 laboratories. There are more than 15,000 employees.

The EPA has had several legislation dealings regarding Air, Land, Water, Endangered Species, Hazardous Waste, and more.

What sort of accountability will be enforced?

smogMany Health officials agree that smog, pollutants and other things like smoking, allergens, and weather can be detrimental to some health conditions.

But it is unknown what actual benefit will be seen because what true chances are actually going to occur.

There are many who voice a concern on the controls countries will have on the companies or agencies that do not follow the new recommendations [if they are approved].

Accountability is difficult when smog comes from each of our vehicles. You can’t punish everyone. Steps may be taken to improve vehicle manufacturing.

Corporations and Companies that are violating smog restrictions could face additional federal punishment. But will this be a hand slap or something more historic.

Not everyone agrees about smog changes.

Others do no agree with the recommendations set by the EPA. One such group is the oil industry. But they are not alone.

The American Petroleum Institute gave this statement, “There is absolutely no basis for EPA to propose changing the ozone standards promulgated by the EPA administrator in 2008.

Honestly, this could be another smoke screen on issues related to our community around us with several stories and recommendations that should be followed. The accountability and actions that are taken could leave you and me far from secure or satisfied. We will all need to wait to see the outcome of this story.

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