Pasta is one of those meals that can go well at any time of the year. It is easy, low cost, minimal ingredients, and tasty. In this case – the Tomato and Spinach Pasta is amazing.

Pasta with Tomato Sauce and Spinach


–  1/2 lbs of Penne Pasta
–  1 Onion – small
–  2 cloves of Garlic
–  1 tablespoon Olive Oil
–  15 oz. can of diced Tomatoes
–  1/2 teaspoon dried Oregano
–  1/2 teaspoon dried Basil
–  1/2 teaspoon Salt
–  1/2 teaspoon Pepper
–  2 tablespoons of Tomato Paste
–  2 oz. Cream Cheese
–  1/4-1/2 cup grated Parmesan Cheese
–  9 oz. bag of Fresh Spinach (Use half the bag or more)
–  A pinch of Red Pepper Flakes (If desired)
–  ** Option – Choose  a different pasta type
–  *** Option – Choose Whole Wheat Pasta
–  **** Option – Add Grilled or Cooked Chicken


Cooking – Two Steps at Once:

First Step
1.)  Bring Water to Boil – A large pot
2.)  Add Pasta and Cook until tender (8-10 minutes)
3.)  Drain pasta into a colander

Second Step
4.)  While Cooking Past – Dice Onion and mince Garlic
5.)  In a large skillet – add Olive Oil, Onion, and Garlic
6.)  Cook on Medium heat  (Approx 5 minutes)
7.)  To the skillet add diced Tomatoes and Juices, Oregano, Basil, Red Pepper Flakes, Salt, Pepper
8.)  Stir to Combine
9.)  Add Tomato Paste and 1/2 cup of Water and stir into paste is dissolved
10.) Bring temp to low
11.)  Cut Cream Cheese into small pieces and add to skillet
12.)  Using whisk – heat and mix Cheese until completely melted
13.)  Add Parmesan and whisk until melted
14.)  Add Spinach and gently stir until leaves wilted (3-5 minutes)

Combine First and Second Step:

15.)  Add Pasta to skillet
16.)  Stir until all combined nicely
17.)  Adjust Salt and Pepper to taste