Premature Ovarian Failure is a medical condition where a loss of ovarian function occurs unexpectedly. It can also be called Ovarian Hypofunction.

In this condition, abnormal loss of function occurs prior to the age of 40 – it becomes a medical concern. If the ovaries fail, they are unable to produce eggs as well as the normal amounts of the hormone Estrogen.

This can lead to Infertility and other problems. The lack of estrogen can be problematic when not treated. Normally, the function of the ovaries continue through menopause and typically ends in the early to mid 50’s.

3 main Findings or Symptoms:

1.) Amenorrhea
2.) Hypergonadotropinism
3.) Hypoestrogenism

Additional Symptoms:

–  Vaginal dryness
–  Vaginal itching
–  Hot flashes
–  Decrease bone mass
–  Decreased sexual activity


–  Unknown or Idiopathic
–  Autoimmune
–  Turner syndrome
–  Chemotherapy therapy
–  Radiation therapy

The most noted complication of POF isInfertility – this occurrence is not 100% as a small portion of individuals will suddenly become pregnant.

Additional complications include:

–  Osteoporosis
–  Decreased bone density

Increased risks

–  Hypothyroidism
–  Addison’s disease
–  Hashimoto’s Disease
–  Heart disease

Treatment and Management


No fertility treatment has been effective at this point in time

Adoption and In-Vito Fertilization are options

Hormone Replacement Therapy

*** – caution for those individuals
.  who smoke and are over the age or 35
.  history of thrombus events
.  uncontrolled hypertension
.  diabetes mellitus