Image result for primary biliary cirrhosisPrimary Biliary Cirrhosis is a medical condition that chronically affects the Liver, where the bile ducts are slowly destroyed.

Bile is an important aspect in the Digestion process as well as getting rid of waste.

As a result of this condition, bile and other toxins then build up in the liver called cholestasis.

The primary cause is Autoimmune, where the body seems to attack itself. Disease is progressive – meaning it will slowly get worse over time. Triggers may be other diseases, infections, viruses, and others.

Demographics illustrate that 9 women to every 1 man suffer from Primary Biliary Cirrhosis. This condition is often seen in women in their 40’s-60’s. Often there is an elevated Alkaline phosphatase level – which is a blood test.

Additional Risk factors: UTIs, smoking, and use of hormone replacement therapy


–  Fatigue
–  Itching
–  Ascites
–  Deposits around eyes
–  Jaundice
–  Portal hypertension are late findings
–  Swollen ankles
–  Yellowing of skin
–  Others


1.)  There is no specific cure

2.)  Medications

–  Cholestyramin
–  Colestipol
–  Rifampin
–  Ursodeoxycholic acid

3.)  Decrease in Alcohol