Respiratory Alkalosis is a potentially serious medical condition with may causes and symptoms. It is often related to the decrease amount of carbon dioxide level in the arteries.

It is considered a hyperventilation process. This is far different from Respiratory Acidosis which is a “decreased ventilation process”.  Knowing the difference between the two is important and often a struggle to really grasp.

There are acute and chronic causes of Respiratory Alkalosis.


–  Anxiety
–  Stress
–  Hysteria
–  High altitude
–  Drugs inlcuding doxapram hydrochlorid (Dopram) and large doses of aspirin.
–  Stroke
–  Meningitis
–  Pregnancy
–  Pneumonia
–  Excessive caffeine


–  Tetany
–  Fainting
–  Breathing fast
–  Light headed
–  “Seeing” lights


–  Proper and controlled respiration
–  Relaxation
–  Meditation
–  Treatment of underlining condition