Skin condition with Red Patches.

Here’s a medical condition with red patches that effects the skin. Typically this condition affects the layers of skin and a raised red patch can be seen.

Name this Condition!

In this condition, the Immune System sends out faulty signals that cause the thickening of the skin.

The actual cause of this thickening of the skin, Inflammation,  is not known.

The big question is if this condition is contagious or not???

What do you think it is? Add your thoughts to the comment section.

Update: September 9th 2011 – 6:18 Eastern


***We got a ton of responses from Facebook and Twitter. Thanks to everyone for their guesses.

Drum roll……..Psoriasis is the Answer.

Below is a quick update on Psoriasis



Caused by an Immune System sending out faulty signals that speed the growth of the skin cells.

Is classified as a chronic immune-medicated disease.

This condition is different than eczema with affects that outer side of the a joint.

Is chronic and reoccurring – which means that it can be difficult to treat.

Is a skin condition that effects the first layer of the epidermis [skin].

Between 10-40% of those having Psoriasis also has psoriatic arthritis which affects the joints like Arthritis.

There is likely to be a genetic component, though psoriasis is not completely understood.



1.) Plaque
2.) Inverse
3.) Guttate
4.) Pustular
5.) Erythrodermic

Most common type is Plaque

–  Commonly seen as red and white regions of scaly patches.
–  Can be a silvery-white appearance
–  Often found on elbows and knees
–  Can also affect scalp, hands, fingers, legs, abdomen.




Psoriasis Vulgaris

–  Plaque-like psoriasis
–  Affects 80-90% of those with psoriasis
–  Raised areas of inflamed skin called plaques

Psoriatic erythroderma

–  Widespread inflammation and exfoliation of skin
–  Covers most of the body surface
–  Severe itching
–  Often swelling is associated
–  Can be seen with abrupt stopping of systemic treatment
–  This form of psoriasis can be fatal


Pustular psoriasis

–  Appears as raised bumps that are filled with pustules. [Not infections]
–  Skin around pustules is red and often tender
–  Often seen on hands and feet (palmoplantar pustulosis)
–  Can be seen on any part of the body


* Annular pustular psoriasis
* Acrodermatitis continua
* Generalized pustular psoriasis


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