I’m Going to Have a Seizure

I’m Going to Have a Seizure:  An Ambulance pulls up to the entrance of the emergency room of the hospital with its lights flashing. The back door opens and two EMT’s jump out the back. They begin to unload a patient strapped to the backboard. The patient is screaming and attempting to flail back and forth. His screams draw the attention of several people including staff at the hospital. Heads turn as staff members coming running. His voice was so high pitched and emergent that it is feared that there is a real emergency.

I’m dying!” bellows the patient as he is pushed through the front door. “I’m going to have a seizure and die!

A hospital nurse runs next to the gurney as it is brought into the hospital. The paramedics give report of what they know. The patient had been found wondering around confused at his work, a construction site, by other workers. He would fall to the ground and start shaking uncontrollably. He didn’t know where he was or who he was. A minute later, he would stand and start talking in gibberish.

Help,” The patient screams from his gurney. There is a silver tinge froth coming from his mouth. “I’m bleeding from my nose. It’s everywhere!

The paramedic continues and says that when the man got up, he ran away from his coworkers screaming. They chased him and he went into one of the trailers and barricaded himself inside. It sounded like he fell to the floor and was shaking. Gasps and a rustling sounds escaped from the trailer. The police and ambulance were called. When police arrived at the scene – he wouldn’t or couldn’t answer the door.

They gurney arrives at the patient’s room. He was pushed inside. He mumbles to himself, “I feel a seizure coming on.” More nurses run in and began moving things and they attempt to get vitals.

The paramedic finishes telling the nurse about the patient. He said that the police broke the door down and found the patient face first on the floor. His arm was wrapped around a paint can. The patient has no seizure history, just a history of huffing. He refused to get away from the paint can. Finally the police took the can to the ambulance. The patient followed the paint can to the ambulance and stepped inside. During transport, the paramedics and EMT placed the patient on a gurney and strapped him to the backboard because he wouldn’t stop trying to huff the paint can.

When the doctor arrived, the patient had no idea why he was at the hospital. When discharged a few hours later, the paint around his face still hadn’t been completely removed.

***Some of the actual details have been changed in order to preserve patient confidentiality. The person pictured is not the person from this story. This information is designed for teaching and better understanding. If these details match another person, it is likely coincidental.
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