Sulfonylurea is a group of medications that are primarily used to treat Diabetes Mellitus Type 2.  With Diabetes, the body doesn’t use the hormone insulin properly which results in an elevated blood sugar.

These drugs can increase the release of insulin from the pancreas. But they are ineffective in someone with Type I Diabetes. There is some success in treatment of Neonatal Diabetes. Some of the new generations of these medication do no appear to increase risk of death, heart attacks, and strokes.


–  Increases the amount of insulin that is released in the Pancreas

–  Insulin is secreted by beta cells in pancreas


First Generation

  –  Acetohexamide
   –  Chlorpropamide
   –  Tolbutamide
   –  Tolazamide

Second Generation

   –   Glipizide
   –   Gliclazide
   –   Glibenclamide  [Glyburide]
   –  Gliquidone
   –  Glyclopyramide

Third Generation

   –  Glimepiride


1.) Diabetes Mellitus Type 2

–  Are often used alone or with another medication.

Side Effects:

–   Hypoglycemia
–   Weight gain
–   Headache
–  Nausea
–  Diarrhea
–  Abdominal discomfort

***- are not to be used during pregnancy or in someone who may become pregnant.