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Swine Flu Questions: The following is several questions that I received about the Swine Flu. I thought that I would answer a few.

Q:  What is the Swine Flu?

The  Swine Flu is a type of Influenza Virus, it is also referred to as H1N1. Several other types of virus can transmit from animal to humans when mutated.  Such as avian, horse, dog, and pig.

It was first found in Mexico in April of 2009.  This type of virus from a class of viruses called Orthomyxoviruses

There are 5 main types of this virus and the swine influenza is a subtype of one of the 5.  Influenza A is the major player in many flu symptoms and epidemics each year and the Swine flu is a type of Influenza A

Q:  I recently heard that washing your hands won’t help with the Swine Flu? I don’t see how that is possible!!!

This is a great question. I am completely positive that washing your hands helps with most viral and bacterial infections. At least helps prevent. And typically passing soap over your hands and scrubbing can be quite effective in the prevention of passing microbes from person to person.

When it comes to the swine flu however, contributing factors to the passage of infection such as restroom use, touching a door knob, covering your mouth when coughing, passing money and others can not be compensated by washing hands alone.

Recent Studies point to the passage of Swine flu through breathing and inhaling the microscopic particles that are already in the air. This is the main action or transmission of this virus. Sneezing into your hands may not even be a great way passage of the virus is seen. However, droplets from sneezing are airborne and breathed into the lungs causing the infection. This may also be why some believe that you can get the swine flu even after the person sick has left the room. The virus is still in the air and you breath it in.

Q:  Why is the Swine Flu a Pandemic?

The U.N. Health Officials met in Geneva on Thursday June 11th, 2009 to discuss the H1N1 virus the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared a 2009 Swine flu pandemic. This is the first such update in over 41 years.  The severity of the virus world wide is rather moderate but the reason for the classification to pandemic is related to how quickly the virus has spread.

WHO chief Dr. Margaret Chan said “The World is moving into the early days of its first influenza pandemic in the 21st century”.

Q:  Is there a Vaccine for the Swine Flu in 2009 and 2010?

Yes, the CDC has helped to provide a vaccine that is available for the public. The Virus in question has been isolated and several companies have worked hard to find a workable vaccine.

Q:  Who should get the vaccine?

According to the Advisory Committee set up by the CDC, several groups are recommended to get the vaccine:

1.)  Pregnant Women
2.)  Caregivers
3.)  Healthcare professionals
4.)  All individuals 6 months to 24 years of age
5.)  Those from age 25 to 64 who are at risk and have other health conditions

Q:  Does it protect against the seasonal flu?

No, for protection against both the seasonal flu and the Swine Flu then you will need both vaccines

Q:  How should I decide who gets the Swine Flu Vaccine?

Follow the guidelines or otherwise speak to your health care professional

Q:  Does a product like Lysol help kill Influenza?

It appears so, Lysol Disinfectant spray, wipes and cleaners are reported to be successful in killing the virus

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