The Testes is an important aspect of the Male Reproduction System and to the Endocrine System.

It is more commonly known as The Testicles and is the male gonad when compared to other animals.

In mammals, the testes are often contained within an extension of the abdomen called the Scrotum. Typically there are two testicles within the scrotum.

The testicles have very similar functions in men as Ovaries do in women.

The Enodcrine control of the Testes is from specific hormones that are produced in the Anterior Pituitary:

–  FSH (Follicle-stimulating hormone)

–  LH (Luteinizing hormone)


The Function

1.)  Sperm production (Spermatogensis)

–  The hormones FSH and Testosterone are required to be present.

*** – It has been seen in animals that if too low of Estrogen levels are seen, this can cause problems to sperm production.

2.)  Male sex hormones production: Testosterone is the most common.

–  LH causes Testosterone release



The Structure

1.)  Tunica Albuginea – A semi-hard outer membraneous shell

2.)  Seminiferous tubules – Tubules that are coiled within the tunica albuginea. Cells line this tubules that produce sperm

3.)  Epididymis – This area is where sperm is housed to mature (spermatogenesis)

4.)  Vas deferens – A tube that transports sperm


Cell types of the testes

1.) Sertoli cells – production of Estradiol and Inhibin

2.) Leydig cells – secrete steroids

3.) Gametes cells – contain DNA for fertilization