The Importance of World AIDS Day

world AIDS dayThe recognition for World AIDS Day is December 1st, of every year.  Every year, there are memorials, testing, and other disease related issues that come to the forefront.

40,000+ individuals in the united states are affected with AIDS each year. One of the larger concern is that it is estimated that 1 in 5 infected with HIV virus are unaware of their infection.

Symptoms for AIDS can take 1 years to manifest. AIDS is caused by a virus called “Human immunodeficiency virus”  (HIV).

It is estimated that, throughout the world, over 33 million people have HIV. This is a staggering number. Equally concerning is that only about 4 million are receiving appropriate HIV treatment.

HIV is one of the leading cause of deaths worldwide. The bright spot regarding this disease is that we have seen a steadying of the number of new cases for the last several years. Increased awareness, prevention programs, medications, and testing have largely been a success.

waidsdTesting for HIV/AIDS is a large component to World AIDS Day. Many hospitals and clinics offer free testing during this time of year. The expense is often too great from some of the homeless, sick, uninsured, and otherwise concerned individuals. That is what makes December 1st so important.

15 minutes duration from the needle stick to results can be found in The Johnson County Health Department in Kansas allows for quick response. A second appointment to find results often isn’t necessary. A spokesperson for the JCHD said, “One of our overall goals is to help stop the spread of HIV by educating the public.”

Future success of preventing and treating HIV is dependant on several things:

1.)  Improved communication regarding risk factors
2.)  Increased testing
3.)  Improved access to testing
4.)  Awareness of disease
5.)  Improved cultural awareness and sensitivity regarding risk factors
6.)  Decrease of gender and age inequalities
7.)  Understand concern of racial risks
8.)  Improved access to care
9.)  Increase research
10.)  New medications


Some great Websites:

A good website for the UK:

The White House put out a proclamation found here:

The CDC and HIV incidence:

US Government and AIDS:

World wide campaign and local events:

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