The THYROID is an extremely large and essential gland of the body.

It is located in the neck just above the mid throat region or Adam’s apple of a man.

The body is largely in control of the metabolism of the body.

Burning of energy, hormonal control and warmth of the body are often attributed to the thyroid.

Several hormones are important from the thyroid such as T4, T3, and Calcitonin.

The control of the thyroid itself depends largely on another gland called the hypothalamus.

TSH or thyroid stimulating hormone produced in the anterior pituitary is another hormone


Iodine is quite important molecule of the thyroid.

Its absence in the diet of some throughout the world can be a large problem.

Its absence can cause a swelling or enlargement of the thyroid called a goiter.

Iodized salt is a great way to add iodine to the diet.

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