To have a C-Section or not to have a C-Section? – That is the question!!

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Recently I spoke with a women who was not very far along in her Pregnancy. We discussed several issues such as: how long she had been trying, what she was giving up, her “planned pregnancy“,  her worries, her symptoms, and other concerns.

Then she threw me for a loop by saying that she was planning on having a C-section rather than vaginal delivery because she didn’t want to go through the pains of Childbirth.

I wasn’t even sure that was an option.  Is elective C-section so planned that one may decide to have a C-section for non medical reasons?  A very interesting concept and can be a great argument starter at family parties.  My personal jury is still out deciding on a verdict…. but what do you think?


Giving birth by Cesarean section or also called Caesarean section and C-section can be a difficult choice.  For many it becomes a life saving measure during an emergency while giving birth.  It is another option other than vaginal delivery

The raise in number of C-sections is astounding.  Consider that in 1970 only 6 percent of all births were by C-section.  Back in 2005 that number had increased 5 times to over 30% of pregnancies.

C-section is a abdominal surgery then through the uterus to allow for the birth of a child. It is often considered riskier than vaginal birth but both procedures cause a risk for  mortality of both the baby and the mother.

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The following are several reasons to have a C-section planned:

1.)  A previous C-section – although not must – having a previous C-section does not prohibit you from ever having a vaginal delivery again

2.)  Your baby is breech  [Bottom first]

3.)  Your baby is transverse  [sideways]

4.)  More than one baby – C-section may be an option

5.)  You develop a condition known as Placenta previa

6.)  Mother having HIV and a high viral load  [HIV isn’t passed through the placenta but can be transferred
during vaginal delivery

7.)  Complication to baby that otherwise would worsen with vaginal delivery

8.)  A very large baby

9.)  Others

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Unplanned C-sections

1.)  Difficulty during birth

2.)  Distress of baby during birth

3.)  Umbilical cord concerns

4.)  Placenta abruption  [when the placenta unattaches from uterine wall – loss of oxygen to baby]

5.)  Others
*** – remember that over 90% of preterm deliveries are done by C-section

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Elective C-section

–  Some doctors endorse c-sections for medical reasons

–  Some OBGYN clinics in Italy have a 80-90% C-section rate to prevent lawsuits

–  In Brazil  –  hospitals are allowing 80% of births to be done by C-section

–  Increase number of C-sections are being done for non medical reasons

My recent conversation isn’t unheard of and is increasing in value for many women.  Some women report watching family members with difficult deliveries and others want an uncomplicated delivery.

A reported increase in the number of women waiting to become pregnant until later in their lives may also be a factor. This is just one of many areas that women and physicians alike have drawn lines and have begun to debate the idea of non medical elective C-sections.

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