Can also be known as Tricuspid  Regurgitation or Tricuspid  Regurg

Less often referred to as Tricuspid Insufficiency

There are 4 main valves in the Heart

1.)   Tricuspid Valve
2.)   Pulmonary Valve
3.)   Mitral Valve
4.)   Aortic Valve

Difficulty of valve to close during systole.

Therefore some blood is pumped the wrong direction

Caused by enlargement of right ventricle due to injury or disease


-   Right sided heart failure
-   Heart murmur
-   Cyanosis
-   Edema
-   Ascites
-   Cirrhosis
-   Elevated jugular venous pressure


Echocardiography/Doppler is essential to confirm the diagnosis

Heart Catheterization

ECG – may be beneficial.


·         Diuretics
·         Surgical procedures