The following is a brief explanation of Types of Uterine Bleeding Dysfunction

Normal bleeding is menstruation that is seen for approximately 2-7 days – the cycle between menstruation is every 21-35 days.


Menorrhagia – Greater then 7 days or more then 80mL in a day that occurs regularly

Metrorrhagia – bleeding that occurs irregularly and more frequent than typical

Menometrorrhagia – Prolonged or excessive bleeding occurs irregularly and more frequent than typical

Intermenstrual bleeding (spotting) – bleeding of small amounts that occur between menstrual periods

Polymenorrhea – bleeding that occurs at regularly less then every 21 days

Oligomenorrhea – bleeding that occurs less often then regular – typically seen at 35 days to 6 months

Amenorrhea – No bleeding for 6 months or longer

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