Male Urethra

The Urethra – Male is the passage that is the endpoint of the Urinary System.

Urine, Semen, Sperm, and wastes start from the Kidney and then travel to the Bladder prior to passing through the urethra.

This tube, the urethra, connects the bladder to the outside of the body. The aspect of control of the excretion of urine is through the urethral sphincter.

Male: The urethra also has a role in Sexual Reproduction because the function of the urethra is a passageway for semen.

Male Urethra

The structure is about an 18-22 cm long muscular tube and travels from the Bladder and opens at the end of the penis. There is a spiral groove found inside the urethra. This allows the urine a larger or wider streamflow.

It is more than just a urinary duct; it also serves as a conduit for semen and sperm during sexual activity.

There are 4 main parts

Although the male urethra is a single structure, it is composed of heterogenous series of segments.

1.) Pre-prostatic urethra

  –  This is the section that runs in front of the prostate

2.) Prostatic urethra

  –  This section courses through the Prostate Gland

3.) Membranous urethra

  –  This section includes the area that travels through the external urethral sphincter.

4.) Spongy or Penile Urethra

 –  This section travels the length of the penis and terminates at the meatus of the tip.