Vaginitis is an extremely common condition in Women’s Health and is a process where there is an Inflammation and/or infection of the Vagina.

Vaginitis can be caused by a variety of microbes and irritants around the outer portion of the Vagina.

Often when there is an inflammation process, something has caused a change in the vaginal pH. This allows changes in mucus and allows bacteria to grow in the area. The normal Vaginal pH is typically around 4.5 or slightly less.

There are good and bad bacteria in the stomach, intestines, and vaginal area. When the “good” bacteria are unable to remain – that is when the bad bacteria comes into place. Lactobacillus is a bacteria that is typically found as normal flora.

When it is called Vulvovaginitis – this refers to the area of the vulva that has the inflammation

Symptoms of Vaginitis

– Skin Irritation
– Vaginal Pain
– Discomfort
– Burning
– Redness
– Unusual vaginal discharge
– Itching
– Foul odor
– and others

Potential Causes:

1.)  Candidiasis – fungal
2.)  Gardnerella – Bacteria
3.)  Gonorrhea – Bacteria
4.)  Chlamydia – Bacteria
5.)  Herpes – Viral
6.)  Parasites
7.)  Hormonal
8.)  Allergy or Irritation
9.)  Foreign Body

When an infection occurs the pH will change and different types of bacteria have taken over.


– Antibiotics
– Antifungal Creams
– Antibacterial Creams
– Topical Estrogen