Vitamin B9

Vitamin B9 is a water-soluble Vitamin that is also referred to as Folic acid, Folacin, and Folate.

It is very essential to human growth and development. It helps when cell growth is necessary and that growth must be rapid.

One important requirement of folic acid is for the production of red blood cells. Vitamin B9 can also help to prevent anemia.

Folic Acid is often given in drug form for pregnancy, anemia and other conditions.


– Liver
– Yeast
– Spinach
– Lettuces
– Peas
– Other vegetables
– Some cereal products
– Many fruits


– Essential in cell growth
– Necessary for DNA bases
– Production of Red blood cells
– Necessary during Pregnancy

Folate Deficiency

  –  Neural Tube Defects – have been closely linked to the deficiency
  –  Spina bifida
  –  Anencephaly
  –  Increased risk for Heart Disease
  –  Increased risk for Stroke
  –  Increased risk for some cancers
  –  May have a risk for increased fertility
  –  May have decreased memory function
  –  others

***Therefore supplements are often required during pregnancy and some countries have already placed supplements in flour and other foods.

In the United States – The “Food and Drug Administration” required foods to start adding folic acids to certain grain products in January 1 of 1998.

Since this development – Neural Tube defects have dropped by 25% in the US and by almost 50% in Canada.

Toxicity is a very low risk