What an Exciting Day for the Prevention of HIV

HIV can be a very difficult health condition to have and even a harder condition to treat. There are a dozen or more medication that can be used in the treatment of HIV. But really, a cure, at this point, isn’t the goal of HIV treatment but management is. The focus must now be on the prevention of HIV.

But now…something important has happened. A preventative medication has just been approved.

Truvada is a medication that is highly used to help manage those who’ve been diagnosed as being HIV positive.

As of Monday July 16th 2013 – the Food and Drug Administrationapproved the same medication Truvada for the prevention of HIV.

What does this mean?

Right now, the true value or benefits are unknown. But this does show that the fight against the AIDS virus and HIV are continuing.

If the focus can be just as direct for the Prevention of HIV, real success can be seen.

High risk individuals that are at risk because of sexually activity – especially those who have HIV positive partners can now be protected.

What are the numbers for HIV?

About 50,000 new HIV infections are found each year. These individuals are those that are diagnosed with infection of the virus. Approximately 1.2 million Americans have HIV. Almost 250,000 individuals have HIV currently but are unaware that they have been infected.

Is everyone on board with this new medication?

The answer to this question is yes and no. Of course, with anything new, there are those who are hesitant about what the true message is being delivered.

Some experts are concerned about the increased risks that some individuals may undertake if a cure is believed to have been found. Proper instruction and clarification is necessary.

Others argue that potential patients may not take the medication as directed, which could return the risk of getting HIV.

Any important guidelines?

The FDA and drug companies are pushing hard that those who are anticipating on starting the medication should be checked and ensured that they are not already HIV positive. A negative reading is essential prior to starting the medication.

Side Effects could affect the kidneys and liver, but usually these occur rarely.

Is this a 100% prevention of getting HIV


The overall goal is to reduce the risk. Remember, that many of these individuals are already at risk. The goal of this medication is to reduce the risk. The goal is not to completely stop spreading of HIV. Of course, that is the overall goal – but this marketing of the medication has not and does not illustrate 100% prevention.

Other safe sex practices are strongly recommended.

What is Truvada?

Truvada is a antiretroviral medication that is used in the treatment of HIV. It is actually a combination medication – which means – two medications are in the same tablet.

The two medications are:  Emtricitabine (Emtriva) and Tenofovir (Viread).

The mediation will be a one tablet a day medications.

When used in the treatment or management of HIV – other HIV drugs are also used.

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