Winning at Wrestling With Only One Leg

It is always remarkable to watch a clip or learn of someone doing the unexpected. The story of ASU’s wrestler who was born with only one leg seems to be hitting the mark. What an exceptional story as well as one of inspiration. Can you imagine wrestling with only one leg?

Anthony Robles wanted to succeed and has in so many ways. He was born with only one leg and has had an up hill climb every since.

He ran a mile, on crutches, in just around ten minutes. He has improved that to under eight minutes and maybe even better. That’s pretty incredible and that was back in 2009  Check out the video below.

Fast forward to 2011 and Anthony Robles won the NCAA National Championship for his weight class at 125 pounds. This capped an undefeated season. Robles is now a senior at ASU and has done fantastic throughout the year. He beat the Division I reigning champion in that weight class, Matt McDonough of Iowa.

Throughout the season McDonough and Robles took turns with the #1 ranking in their weight class. On March 19th 2011, they met on the mat to see who would emerge. In the end Robles won by a 7-1 decision.

Clearly, he finished at the top during his wrestling career, but maybe more importantly, he learned something about himself and has been an inspiration to thousands and thousands who tell themselves, “I can’t.”

Robles probably has said that a few times to himself, but in the end, he got back up and back to work. It paid off with a National Championship. That’s pretty impressive.

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