World Diabetes Day – November 14th


WDD or World Diabetes Day is celebrated on the day of the discovery of insulin by Sir Frederick Banting back in 1922 – November 14th. Banting along with Charles Best identified insulin at the University of Toronto.

The slogan, in the past has been, “Understand Diabetes and Take Control

A new theme is chosen each year to address global concerns.

Hundreds of world monuments will join together to place lights and symbols to commiserate this year. The symbol for World diabetes is a blue circle.

Large buildings and skyscrapers involved are such as The Empire State Building, the London Eye Ferris, Japan’s Tokyo Tower, Manhattan building, arch of Icherisheher in Azerbaijan City
and many others.

Diabetes affects over 24 million Americans Hundreds of millions worldwide. This means that a significant number of people take the medication Insulin for treatment.

It is expected that over 400 million people through out the world will develop diabetes by 2030 if no drastic changes in current prevention of diabetes.


History of World Diabetes Day

  • Officially became part of the United Nations Day back in 2007 with a passage of a United Nation Resolution
  • The WDD began back in 1991 by the International Diabetes Federation and the WHO because of increasing concerns about diabetes
  • 212 members are associated with the International Diabetes Federation that can be found in more than 160 countries.
  • The American Diabetes Association will continue to participate this year
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