11 Prevention Tips to Avoid Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis is a common condition year round. But in the winter, it seems to be more prevalent. It could be from additional problems related to the eyes but more often it is related to the amount of time we spend inside. The following article gives some prevention tips to avoid conjunctivitis.

When we think of Conjunctivitis – we often think of pink eye and the contagious properties of this condition. But remember, there are several causes of conjunctivitis and not all are viral or bacterial. Though – those two are common causes of Conjunctivitis.

When dealing with conditions related to the eye – it is important to know the Anatomy Of The Eye.

6 Primary Causes of Conjunctivitis

1.)  Viral Conjunctivitis
2.)  Bacterial Conjunctivitis
3.)  Allergic Conjunctivitis
4.)  Chemical Conjunctivitis
5.)  Neonatial Conjunctivitis
6.)  Keratoconjunctivitis

11 Tips For The Prevention of Conjunctivitis

1.)  Good Hygiene
2.)  Avoid rubbing eyes
3.)  If contaminated – avoid contacting door nobs, glasses, utensils, and other objects.
4.)  Wash hand regularly
5.)  Vaccinations can help
6.)  Wear glasses or eye protectors when working in areas known for irritants
7.)  Remove contact lenses if you become infected.
8.)  Wash your bed linens, pillow cases, towels and such routinely.
9.)  Avoid sharing make-up
10.)  Avoid sharing contacts
11.)  Do not uses someone else’s eye drops

Treatment for Conjunctivitis

1.)  Time
2.)  Warm Compress
3.)  Saline Eye Drops
4.)  Antibiotic Eye Drops
5.)  Oral/Injection Antibiotics
6.)  Antihistamine medications
7.)  Washing out the eye – shower or rinse
8.)  Other

Don’t be Fooled – Other Conditions with Eye Related Changes:

1.)  Retinal Detachment
2.)  Macular Degeneration
3.)  Retinal Artery Occlusion
4.)  Cataracts
5.)  Glaucoma
6.)  Hordeolum
7.)  Chalazion
8.)  Papilledema

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