12 Diseases That Will Be Seen in Haiti

Haiti will see an increase in serious medical problems because of the recent natural disasters that largely cause disruption in the local ecosystem. Two large areas affected are: the lack of water and sanitation.  But additional concerns will be seen in Haiti also include: the lack of resources, deaths, injuries, and infections.

Check out the list below of the 12 most common medical conditions they can expect.

12 major diseases that can be expected:

1.)  Measles
2.)  Viral Hepatitis
3.)  Typhoid fever
4.)   Gastroenteritis
5.)   Coccidiomycosis
6.)   Giardia
7.)   Cholera
8.)  MRSA skin infection
9.)   Malaria
10.)   Dengue Fever
11.)  Yellow fever
12.) Others

The disaster cut power, electricity and other utilities. This could leave people without clean drinking water and at greater risk of malnutrition and disease. The potential new mass of displaced persons could create crowded, unsanitary conditions that facilitate the spread of contagious respiratory infections,” said Dr. Peter Hotez, head of the department of microbiology at George Washington University.

What you have is the perfect storm of infection,” Hotez said. “What you have is a breakdown. It is already a fragile infrastructure with high rates of infectious and neglected tropical disease. Now there are potential breakdowns in sanitation, clean water, housing and subsequent crowding. That’s a terrible mix.”

For more information on the Haiti earthquake check out the following: 

Water and Sanitation

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