1/3 of all births are done through a C-Section.

A recent study has really brought to light an interesting aspect of giving Birth. A recent study suggested that at least 34% of all childbirths are done as a C-section.

This begs the question….are all of these C-sections medically necessary? It is certain that the number of this procedure is increasing.

Giving birth by Cesarean section, also called Cesarean section, can be a difficult choice. For many it becomes a life saving measure during an emergency while giving birth. It is another valid option other than vaginal delivery.

The raise in number of C-sections is astounding. Consider that in 1970 only 6 percent of all births were by C-section. Back in 2005 that number had increased 5 times to over 30% of pregnancies.

For this type of surgery, it is often through the abdomen, then through the uterus to allow for the birth of a child. It is often considered riskier than vaginal birth but both procedures cause a risk for mortality of both the baby and the mother.

Birth C-section

The following are several reasons to have a C-section planned:

1.)  A previous C-section – although not a must – but having a prior procedure does not prohibit you from ever having a vaginal delivery again.

2.)  Your baby is Breech  [Bottom first]

3.)  Your baby is transverse  [sideways]

4.)  More than one baby – C-section may be an option

5.)  You develop a condition known as Placenta previa

6.)  Mother having HIV and a high viral load.  [HIV isn’t passed through the placenta but can be transferred
during vaginal delivery

7.)  Complication to baby that otherwise would worsen with vaginal delivery

8.)  A very large baby

9.)  Others

birth - prematureUnplanned C-sections:

1.)  Difficulty during birth

2.)  Distress of baby during birth

3.)  Umbilical cord concerns

4.)  Placenta abruption  [placenta unattaches from uterine wall – loss of oxygen to baby]

5.)  Others
*** – remember that over 90% of preterm deliveries are done by C-section  http://www.marchofdimes.com/aboutus/22684_30185.asp

Let’s take a closer look at the data from the most recent study:

19 out of 50 states were studied

Florida (38.6%), New Jersey (38%), and Texas (35.9%), had the highest rates.

Utah (22.4%), Wisconsin (25.1%), and Colorado (27.3%)  had the lowest rates.

Study was done by HealthGrades – this website allows a user to search and rate their physician.

From 2002 – 2009 C-section occurrence raised from 27% to 34%

A separate study from the Centers for Disease Control put the number at 32% in 2007

What was your experiences with a C-section?

–  Please go to our comment section and let us know  – Elective vs. Medically Required

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