An Awareness of Breast Cancer


Many things arrive in October:  Playoff baseball begins in a few weeks and Halloween is just around the corner with pumpkins, ghosts and skeletons. College football and the NFL are in full swing and Hockey has officially started.  October is also important for the Awareness of Breast Cancer.

Each year for the past 25 years another important event has occurred in October. This months is dedicated for Breast Cancer Awareness, also called “NBCAM”.

This organization or partnership is evident in medical, business, and other public sectors. The goal is to promote awareness and increase the desire for women both old and young to discuss this disease, learn about prevention, and to gain greater access to screening opportunities.

Mammograms and provider breast exams will be done in full force in the coming month. Probably more so than any other month of the year.

Several Breast Cancer issues are currently at the forefront of discussions!!

Such topics include:

–  The use and benefit of mammograms
–  Causes of Breast Cancer
–  The importance of self breast exams
–  The role of Obesity in Breast Cancer
–  Surviving after Breast Cancer

Several walks and runs can be found to promote and remember the Awareness of Breast Cancer.


Back in 2009 – over 190,000 women are expected to be diagnosed with Breast Cancer. And that number continues to increase. And around 40,000+ women are expected to die this year alone.

Currently mammograms are recommended by the National Cancer Institute for women over the age 40 to be done every 2 years

Some women will have an increased risk of breast cancer and may need to begin screening prior to age 40

Many breast cancer or breast concerns are found on self-breast exams

Some racial disparities do exist. White women are more often diagnosed with breast cancer while Black women have a higher mortality rate than other racial or ethnic groups.

This years goals should be to improve awareness of the importance of self Breast exams and access to screening opportunities for all.

Some argue that self breast exams are optional – tell us what you think.

Learn more here – Should self breast exams be taught as something optional?


What you can do?

–  Remember a family member or friend who is going through or has gone through this disease
–  Go for a walk – participate in a sponsored cancer walk
–  Start your own self breast exams
–  Make an appointment for a mammogram
–  Improve your diet and increase exercise

For further information – check out the following websites:

1.)  Find a Breast Cancer T-shirt at the following:

2.)  Get a Free Mammogram:

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