If You Received the Moderna Vaccination, When Should You Expect a Booster?

The Vaccines for the Coronavirus have been a whirlwind of protection, promises, and changes. But there is little to dissuade the medical community of the vast relief and improvement that has happened in our hospitals, clinics, and everyday lives. But, as with everything, changes have cast another round of doubt and even despair. The Delta Variant has changed the death projections and the hospitalizations around the world. This has led to many discussions on the need for a booster. If you’ve received the Moderna Vaccine – it is almost certain that you will need a booster.

Those With the Moderna Vaccination

Moderna has reported that the vaccine, even after six months, has retained its effectiveness. That means that the vaccine is working and it appears that it will continue working. However, with the Delta Variant, a booster is in the works.

The company stated – “In final analysis of Phase 3 COVE study data, the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine showed 93% efficacy, with the efficacy remaining durable through six months after administration of the second dose.

Moderna is currently in Phase 2 studies of a Moderna booster. It appears that they have a few different boosters currently being studied.

Therefore – the when for those with a booster is likely before winter and projections have Moderna starting to roll out the booster Vaccine sometime in September. Additional thoughts are that the booster will be made available first for those with comorbidities, elderly, and at-risk such as hospital workers, first-responders, and more.

The concern for the booster points to the past and the slow rollout of the first vaccine. It took months longer than expected for this to happen. Let’s hope we don’t repeat the failures of the past.

This data points to a need for the booster vaccine and this is largely because of the delta variant. But a booster won’t end our need for yearly vaccines.

Will Yearly Boosters or Vaccines be Required for COVID?

CEO Stephane Bancel had recently said, “We are looking forward towards our vision of a single dose annual booster that provides protection against COVID-19, flu and RSV [respiratory syncytial virus] for adults.” He also added, “We believe this is just the beginning.

The goal of additional vaccines, boosters, and yearly vacines is to save lives and prevent hospitalizations. Technological advancements have allowed medical teams to prevent deaths. Despite the political arena, social media, and missinformation – vaccines save lives.

For more Information Check out: Moderna Reports Second Quarter Fiscal Year 2021 Financial Results and Provides Business Updates

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