Preterm Births and Possible Risk with C-Sections.

There are considerable risk with Preterm births and the use of C-Sections may create some unexpected risks.  

Doctor’s need to rethink how they look at C-sections.

This is the latest information coming from the John Hopkins School of Medicine.

The reason for this latest insight into Caesarean Section or C-sections is the recent findings from a study looking into C-sections for the patients who’s babies are preterm. The predominate belief, prior to this study, was that C-sections were the best choice for babies that were headed towards being born preterm.

The idea may have been the belief that the babies weren’t improving or growing adequately while in the uterus and that they would do better in the hospital. This was considered an elective Preterm births. But one way or another, it was believed that a C-section would be safer for the unborn baby.

But instead, it was brought to light that Caesarean Section may actually lead to additional medical problems including respiratory distress, possibly learning disabilities, and cerebral palsy. This could increase the risk of breathing problems including Asthma in the years to come. Yet, the babies born through Vaginal Births were no more likely to develop seizures, Brain bleeds [hemorrhage], or sepsis.

On average, between 45 and 50 percent of premature babies in the last four years were delivered by C-section. Up to this point it has been the standard of treatment. Equally as important, is that there has been a sizable increase in the rate of C-sections in the last dozen years.

The study looked back at birth rates with preterm babies in New York over an 8 year period. This study was done based on data that was reviewed and studied from medical charts where the births were done years ago. This helped allow for the children to not only be reviewed at the time of birth, but for the years that followed.

No specific study was formed to look at this specifically. In some cases, this helps the veracity of the study . The parameters were done post birth and this allowed for a review only and conclusions weren’t made prior to the study beginning.

Of course, additional studies, outside of New York alone will need to be done. But, at least, for the moment. When assessing a preterm baby, C-section may need to be reviewed to see if it is the best option. It is certain that under some circumstances involving preterm, C-section may be the best option. But in other cases, Vaginal Births may be the way to go.

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