Quadriplegia: A Closer Look at the Misconceptions and Facts


What is Quadriplegia?

Quadriplegia is a condition where something has affected the Cervical Spine more commonly known as the neck. It often can be identified as something occurring between Cervical Vertebrae C1-C7.

Depending on where the injury occurs – the severity or symptoms of this disease could be different. Complete and partial injury also makes a huge difference.

There are so many facts and misconceptions of this condition. Many of these misconceptions can lead to problems with relationships, general understanding, social interactions, and much more.

Facts about Quadriplegia, Symptoms, and Prognosis

1.)  Injury to cause Quadriplegia was not in the back, but rather the neck or Spinal Cord.
2.)  Injury to back results in paraplegia – this results in loss of leg movement.
3.)  Use of arms and hands can be seen – though usually not as strong as before injury.
4.)  Some injuries are more severe and no arm or feet movement can be seen.
5.)  Quadriplegia paralysis can occur by other mechanisms than just injury such as diseases and conditions that you are born with.
6.)  There is no cure for Quadriplegia….yet
7.)  Improvement in movement and strength can be seen in some patients.
8.)  Some patients can feed themselves – though special utensils are required.
9.)  Sexual activity is possible for some people – though pain, stress, embarrassment, and other problems may limit this activity.
10.)  Women with Quadriplegia can still hope for children and Childbirth is still possible.
11.)  Having children won’t always be possible.
12.)  Some men can still get erection after an injury resulting in Quadriplegia.
13.)  But sometimes, the erection won’t last, be effective, or occur at all. Medications and implants may be the answer to this problem.
14.) Most Quadriplegics will be able to breath on their own – while others will require ventilators.
15.) Many Quadriplegics can find ways to be active from basketball, to skiing, to car racing, and much more.
16.)  Quadriplegia does not mean an end of happiness and excitement.


As with many misconceptions in life – there is often a partial truth. In the case of quadriplegics – life has certainly changed after such an injury.

Sometimes, sexual activity or movement of the arms, and even some of the more basic things such as breathing will be next to impossible. In these cases – don’t despair.

Sit down with your significant other and find other ways to find pleasure and happiness. Work hard to improve yourself daily and try not to get discouraged.

Quadriplegia is something that needs a small community to deal with. Ask for help from family, friends, and the medical community. If you know of someone with this condition – help in any way you can.

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