Top 20 Breast Cancer Reminders

The following is a list of breast cancer reminders for all women and even some men:

Breast Cancer Awareness comes every October…but that doesn’t diminish the importance of being aware of breast cancer.

The following are important reminders in Women’s Health:

1.)  Women’s #1 fear is Breast Cancer, but men should worry as well – Breast Cancer Male.

2.)  Breast exams are as important as a Mammogram.

3.)  Don’t fret for being called back for a “redo” mammogram.

4.)  Being overweight is a risk – weight gain after Menopause your risk even increases.

5.)  Being active reduces your risk of breast cancer.

6.)  A nodule found in your Breast is rarely breast cancer – read more about Breast Fibroadenoma. BUT it still needs to be evaluated by a clinician to assess.

7.)  Lumpy breasts are not increased risk for cancer.

8.)  The lifetime risk of breast cancer is 1 in 8 for women.
–  Starting at age 40 – a 1 in 69 risk to age 70 – a 1 in 27 risk.

9.)  First mammogram at age 40 – then every 1-2 years after.

10.)  Folate or Breast Cancer Screening is essential in the diet.

glass of wine11.)  Estrogen can be a contributing factor.

12.)  Alcohol is a risk factor – over 2 drinks a day increases your risk almost 20%.

13.)  Never having been Pregnant may increase your risk.

14.)  Learn about BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations – can be related to breast cancer.

15.)  When seen and found early – In the U.S. your chances of survival are at 90% or above.

16.)  Treatment is not always chemotherapy.

17.)  190,000 women per year are diagnosed while 1,800 men.  (2005)

18.)  41,116 women died and 375 men.  (2005 numbers)

19.)  Is one of the top ten causes of death for women.  (#7)

20.) Breast cancer survivors are everywhere and are very inspiring.

Breast Cancer Awareness is in October of every year – check out the following blog:

Awareness of Breast Cancer

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